JDK7 and Beyond

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focus of JDK 7

  • modularization
  • multiple languages * not really the focus of this talk
  • Java language evolution

Project Coin

  • project to evolve the Java language
  • improved integer literals
  • "exotic identifiers": #"op~"
    • for interoperation with langugages that may use symbols and such in method names and other identifiers (ex: Scala)

Project Jigsaw

  • modularization of the JVM
  • JVM is too large (18MB), slow to download not on broadband, hard to fit on small devices
  • ex: import the 'desktop' module, get swing, sound, awt, etc.
  • jmod tool to quickly install packages:
    • sudo jmod install [url for .jmod package] and you're done


  • Da Vinci Machine Project
  • explored further in the next session
  • goal is to support multiple languages well on the JVM