JSR 292 Backport Deep Dive

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JSR 292 Backport Deep Dive

Rémi Forax, Univ-mlv.fr

File:Forax JSR 292 Backport.pdf


Deep dive into the backport — Rémi Forax

This talk will present the JSR 292 backport that implement JSR 292 specification on 1.5, 1.6 compatible Java Platforms.

After a short intro about the JSR292, the backport roadmap and bytecode weaving. I will talk about the first design of the backport and why it fails. Next, I will introduce the new design (the one currently implemented) how it works and how it optimizes method handle adapters that are some not so easy to optimize for a bytecode weaver.

I will finish by showing some benchmarks that will highlight how the optimizer works and some comparison graphs between the JSR292 Reference Implementation and the backport.


Current Status


Key Issues for Discussion

(please expand cooperatively)