JavaFX Binding

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JavaFX Binding

Robert Field - Sun

File:Field JFX Bind.pdf


A performance tale: the evolution of binding in JavaFX — Robert Field

JavaFX Script is a statically-typed, object-oriented language for building Rich Internet Applications on the Java Platform. JavaFX Script provides data binding as a first-class entity, allowing developers to do much more with less code.

As might be expected, the first version of the JavaFX compiler implemented features such as binding and dependency management in a runtime library. This enabled us to get to a working compiler quickly, but as often happens the performance of this approach is not ideal. Then comes the long slow process of making things faster by breaking abstractions and pulling intelligence from the runtime library into the compiler.

This talk will chronicle our ongoing work on making JavaFX not only powerful and fun but fast.


Current Status


Key Issues for Discussion

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