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Videos of most talks are available on the Oracle Media Network. Click individual links below to view videos for 2010.

The first four videos below have slides integrated into the video for easier viewing.

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Agenda for the 2010 JVM Language Summit

Monday 7/26 Tuesday 7/27 Wednesday 7/28
8:30 Breakfast
(30 mins)
9:00 Brian Goetz
Doug Lea (Keynote)
Engineering Fine-Grained Parallelism in Java
Jochen Theodorou
Improvements in Groovy performance
9:30 Charles Nutter
Trending Toward the Middle: The Best of Static and Dynamic
Rémi Forax
PHP.reboot: a post JSR292 dynamic language
10:00 Eric Caspole
Improvements in OpenJDK useful for JVM languages
Joshua Bloch
Performance Anxiety
Per Bothner
Kawa and gnu.bytecode update
10:30 Break
(30 mins)
11:00 John Rose
Gathering the threads: JVM Futures
W1A: John Rose

W1B: Robert McKinney
Introduction to Gosu
W1A: Rich Hickey
What the JVM needs

W2B: John Field
11:30 Christian Wimmer
Register Allocation on SSA form for Java Just-in-Time Compilation
12:00 Lunch
(60 mins)
(30 mins)
12:30 Christine Flood
Project Fortress compiler implementation status
1:00 Lukas Stadler
Coroutines for the Java Platform
Neal Gafter
LINQ: Language Features for concurrency (among other things)
David Pollak
Faking closures on the JVM isn't as simple as it looks
1:30 Prashant Deva
Chronon - Time Travelling Debugger
John Field
The Thorn Programming Language: Robust Distributed Scripting on the JVM
(30 mins)
2:00 Fredrik Öhrström
Efficient compilation of Lambdas using MethodHandles and JRockit
(30 mins)
Adam Messinger
2:30 W1A: Fredrik Öhrström
Compile your favourite Lambda expression!

W1B: Ben Titzer
Virgil on the JVM
Dan Heidinga
MethodHandles: an IBM implementation
Andy Clement
Mixed language project compilation in Eclipse: Java and Groovy
3:00 Cliff Click
Digital Performance
Oleg Pliss
Symmetric multilanguage VM architecture
3:30 Break
(30 mins)
Kresten Krab Thorup
Erjang - A JVM-based Erlang VM
Michael Van De Vanter
The Maxine Inspector: a Specialized Tool for VM Development
4:00 W2A: Charles Nutter

W2B: Hiroshi Yamauchi
Continuations in Servers
W2A: Kresten Krab Thorup
W2A: Cliff Click

W2B: Per Bothner
Speedy Scripting
5:00 Break Lightning talks Final break
6:00 Dinner at Faultline

Bonus Discussions

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