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invokedynamic backport + VM,anonymous classes

Rémi Forax


In order to fasten adoption of JSR292, this is a project to provide a backport of JSR292 that will work, with Java 5 or Java 6.


Talk Abstract
- why, how-to
- at runtime/at compile time, weaver/agent
- features/missing features/ roadmap
- JSR292 API vs backport API
- invokedynamic
- method handles/guards/adapter handle
- linkage/call sites invalidation

Proposed API for anonymous classes in the VM:
- Uses cases
- Proposed API
- Using patched classes
- implementing Java inner class with VM anonymous class

This presentation first presents the API allowing to create anonymous class in the VM and do some constant pool patching. Then I will show some the corner cases of the current JSR292 in regards to the backport


Speaker Notes
Two light talks (30min+10min) about the invokedynamic backport: a JSR 292 implementation compatible with jdk 1.5 available at http://code.google.com/p/jvm-language-runtime/ and a proposed Java side API to VM anonymouses class.

Author Bio

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Key Issues for Discussion (cooperative)

(please expand cooperatively) Talk:InvokeDynamic