2008 LightningTalks

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Lightning talks are held in the afternoon (~16:30-17:30).

Title Presenter Time & Place Audience Summary
Optimizing for Agility Stuart Halloway Day One, 4:30? People who prioritize developer performance over language performance Agility requires smooth adaptation to change. With multiple JVM languages to choose from, you should pick an agile language for most dev, and drop to a performant language occasionally. I'll tell you which is which. :-)
Language Addicts Anonymous John D. Mitchell Day Two, 4:45 Humans and meat-puppets As language and platform creators, are we actually attacking and solving the real problems? Or, are we addicted to playing in the same old ghetto?
Azul Performance Analysis Tool Cliff Click Day Two, 4:45 Why is your code slow? Debugged lack-of-inlining in JRuby and lack-of-loop-unrolling in ASM in about 1/2hr each. Fixnum/BigNum costs are high, but perhaps not for why you might expect (it's NOT the GC costs, it's allocation and final fields). Academic accounts available upon request; email cliffc@azulsystems.com