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This wiki is an on-line proceedings of the JVM Language Summit.


Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Welcome Clojure Keynote Parsers in Java
JDK7 and Beyond JVM Continuations
10:00 Da Vinci Machine JVM Performance Trace-based JIT
11:00 Exploring Dynamism JVM Performance -W- Optimizing Ioke -W-
Better Ruby Dynamic Features -W- Clojure Deep Dive -W-
1:00 MOP and Invokedynamic Hotswap Static Dynamic Types
Scala IDE Groovy Performance Blame Tracking
2:00 Scala Basics Sun update JavaFX Binding
2:30 noop Language -W- NET Reactive Framework
Duby and Friends -W- Anti-Optimizations Jython
3:30 Ioke Folding Language JSR 292 Backport Deep Dive
4:00 Invokedynamic Deep Dive -W- Asynchronicus Anonymous -W- Shared JVM Infrastructure -W-
Multilanguage Java Tools -W- MOP with Runtime -W- Factor Optimizing Compiler -W-

Bonus Meetings



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