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Bonus Discussions

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Agenda for the 2010 JVM Language Summit

Monday 7/26 Tuesday 7/27 Wednesday 7/28
8:30 Breakfast
(30 mins)
9:00 Brian Goetz
Doug Lea (Keynote)
Engineering Fine-Grained Parallelism in Java
Jochen Theodorou
Improvements in Groovy performance
9:30 Charles Nutter
Trending Toward the Middle: The Best of Static and Dynamic
Rémi Forax
PHP.reboot: a post JSR292 dynamic language
10:00 Eric Caspole
Improvements in OpenJDK useful for JVM languages
Joshua Bloch
Performance Anxiety
Per Bothner
Kawa and gnu.bytecode update
10:30 Break
(30 mins)
11:00 John Rose
Gathering the threads: JVM Futures
W1A: John Rose

W1B: Robert McKinney
Introduction to Gosu
W1A: Rich Hickey
What the JVM needs

W2B: John Field
11:30 Christian Wimmer
Register Allocation on SSA form for Java Just-in-Time Compilation
12:00 Lunch
(60 mins)
(30 mins)
12:30 Christine Flood
Project Fortress compiler implementation status
1:00 Lukas Stadler
Coroutines for the Java Platform
Neal Gafter
LINQ: Language Features for concurrency (among other things)
David Pollak
Faking closures on the JVM isn't as simple as it looks
1:30 Prashant Deva
Chronon - Time Travelling Debugger
John Field
The Thorn Programming Language: Robust Distributed Scripting on the JVM
(30 mins)
2:00 Fredrik Öhrström
Efficient compilation of Lambdas using MethodHandles and JRockit
(30 mins)
Adam Messinger
2:30 W1A: Fredrik Öhrström
Compile your favourite Lambda expression!

W1B: Ben Titzer
Virgil on the JVM
Dan Heidinga
MethodHandles: an IBM implementation
Andy Clement
Mixed language project compilation in Eclipse: Java and Groovy
3:00 Cliff Click
Digital Performance
Oleg Pliss
Symmetric multilanguage VM architecture
3:30 Break
(30 mins)
Kresten Krab Thorup
Erjang - A JVM-based Erlang VM
Michael Van De Vanter
The Maxine Inspector: a Specialized Tool for VM Development
4:00 W2A: Charles Nutter

W2B: Hiroshi Yamauchi
Continuations in Servers
W2A: Kresten Krab Thorup
W2A: Cliff Click

W2B: Per Bothner
Speedy Scripting
5:00 Break Lightning talks Final break
6:00 Dinner at Faultline


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