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#REDIRECT [[Better_Ruby]]
#REDIRECT [[Better_Ruby]]
= JRuby =
* making optimizations for things like returining from closures
* Invoke Dynamic (indy):
** eliminates generated handles, simplifies things
** inlines a lot of otherwise complex logic
** getting faster
* Duby is an experiment in optional static typing that may be rolled into JRuby
* new optimizing compiler now that they have a "real compiler guy" on the JRuby team
= Duby =
* a side-project
* "like Ruby but as fast as Java; essentially Java with Ruby syntax"
* typing works kinda like Scala
* no runtime library
* purpose: an implementation language for JRuby, mobile applications
** "doesn't add too much"
* code example: only different between Ruby and Duby is specifying the type of some arguments to methods
* "MyObject.new" is hard-coded to object creation, not a method call
* status:
** type and method definitions work
** importing types, Java object construction works
** todo: arrays, reopening classes, mixins, closures, runtime libraries in Duby, Java 5 features,
** possible LLVM backend or in other languages
= Surinx =
* another side-project
* exactly Ruby syntax
* dynamically typed ("not quite as crazily dynamic as Ruby")
* dynamic dispatch (indy)
* minimal runtime library (indy dispatcher)
* scriptable, but no interpreter
* "as fast as Java (can do indy)"
* goals: experiment with indy, help the implementors test, try things outside JRuby
* code examples: really identical to Ruby
* bunch of stuff still to do
* Java version of fib example (only) 40% faster than Surinx version

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