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Eric Caspole, AMD
;Speaker: Eric Caspole, AMD
;Resources: [[Media:Jvm-lang-2010-ecaspole-100723.pdf | Slides]] and [http://medianetwork.oracle.com/media/show/15550 Video]

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Eric Caspole, AMD
Slides and Video


We will cover recent contributions to OpenJDK from AMD Java Labs that offer improvements in developer productivity and application performance, which would be of interest to the JVM language developer community.

  • Improvements to JVMTI for better application performance when the JVM is started with the jdwp agent that allows a JVMTI debugger to attach, so the application will run more like the deployment scenario.
  • A new feature in Hotspot, developed in conjunction with Sun, that prevents the JITs from shutting off when the JVM code cache becomes full and would otherwise revert to running in the interpreter.
  • A new feature to expose runtime compiler inlining information through JVMTI.
  • A change to reduce Hotspot safepoint times by making the discarded compiled method sweeper concurrent with the application.