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; Project:  
; Project:  
; Blog:  
; Blog:  
; Slides: [[Image:file.pdf]]
; Slides: [[Image:IokeIntro.pdf]]
=== Abstract ===
=== Abstract ===

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Ioke Folding Language

Ola Bini, jruby.org



Ioke - A folding language — Ola Bini

Ioke is a new language, an experiment to see how expressive a language can be. It's a language for the JVM influenced by Io, Self, Smalltalk, Lisp and Ruby. It supports a prototype based object oriented system, is homoiconic, supports high level methods and macros and makes it easy to build DSLs and new abstractions from scratch.

The presentation will introduce Ioke and the features of the language that differ from other languages.


"Folding" = like folding a paper in half, until it is small... an app can be folded down to a simple statement


(please expand cooperatively)