MOP and Invokedynamic

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MOP and Indy

Attila Szegedi -

File:Metaobject Protocol Meets Invokedynamic.pdf


Metaobject Protocol Meets Invokedynamic — Attila Szegedi

Having a largely stabilized specification and working implementation of JSR-292 opened the way for a rethinking of the JVM Dynamic Languages Metaobject Protocol as a framework for runtime linking of invokedynamic calls between language runtimes. In this talk, I present the architecture of the framework in its current state: the pluggable linker mechanism, the type conversion subsystem, and the set of conventions that build on top of these two to implement a subset of well-known call identifiers that serve as the metaobject protocol nomenclature commonly understood by dynamic languages.


Current Status


Key Issues for Discussion

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