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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
api-help-param-integer-max (talk) (Translate) The {{PLURAL:$1|1=value|2=values}} must be no greater than $3.
api-help-param-integer-min (talk) (Translate) The {{PLURAL:$1|1=value|2=values}} must be no less than $2.
api-help-param-integer-minmax (talk) (Translate) The {{PLURAL:$1|1=value|2=values}} must be between $2 and $3.
api-help-param-limit (talk) (Translate) No more than $1 allowed.
api-help-param-limit2 (talk) (Translate) No more than $1 ($2 for bots) allowed.
api-help-param-limited-in-miser-mode (talk) (Translate) <strong>Note:</strong> Due to [[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Manual:$wgMiserMode|miser mode]], using this may result in fewer than <var>$1limit</var> results returned before continuing; in extreme cases, zero results may be returned.
api-help-param-list (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|1=One of the following values|2=Values (separate with <kbd>{{!}}</kbd> or [[Special:ApiHelp/main#main/datatypes|alternative]])}}: $2
api-help-param-list-can-be-empty (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|0=Must be empty|Can be empty, or $2}}
api-help-param-maxbytes (talk) (Translate) Cannot be longer than $1 {{PLURAL:$1|byte|bytes}}.
api-help-param-maxchars (talk) (Translate) Cannot be longer than $1 {{PLURAL:$1|character|characters}}.
api-help-param-multi-all (talk) (Translate) To specify all values, use <kbd>$1</kbd>.
api-help-param-multi-max (talk) (Translate) Maximum number of values is {{PLURAL:$1|$1}} ({{PLURAL:$2|$2}} for bots).
api-help-param-multi-max-simple (talk) (Translate) Maximum number of values is {{PLURAL:$1|$1}}.
api-help-param-multi-separate (talk) (Translate) Separate values with <kbd>|</kbd> or [[Special:ApiHelp/main#main/datatypes|alternative]].
api-help-param-no-description (talk) (Translate) <span class="apihelp-empty">(no description)</span>
api-help-param-required (talk) (Translate) This parameter is required.
api-help-param-templated (talk) (Translate) This is a [[Special:ApiHelp/main#main/templatedparams|templated parameter]]. When making the request, $2.
api-help-param-templated-var (talk) (Translate) <var>{$1}</var> with values of <var>$2</var>
api-help-param-templated-var-first (talk) (Translate) <var>{$1}</var> in the parameter's name should be replaced with values of <var>$2</var>
api-help-param-token (talk) (Translate) A "$1" token retrieved from [[Special:ApiHelp/query+tokens|action=query&meta=tokens]]
api-help-param-token-webui (talk) (Translate) For compatibility, the token used in the web UI is also accepted.
api-help-param-type-boolean (talk) (Translate) Type: boolean ([[Special:ApiHelp/main#main/datatypes|details]])
api-help-param-type-integer (talk) (Translate) Type: {{PLURAL:$1|1=integer|2=list of integers}}
api-help-param-type-limit (talk) (Translate) Type: integer or <kbd>max</kbd>
api-help-param-type-password (talk) (Translate)  
api-help-param-type-timestamp (talk) (Translate) Type: {{PLURAL:$1|1=timestamp|2=list of timestamps}} ([[Special:ApiHelp/main#main/datatypes|allowed formats]])
api-help-param-type-user (talk) (Translate) Type: {{PLURAL:$1|1=user name|2=list of user names}}
api-help-param-upload (talk) (Translate) Must be posted as a file upload using multipart/form-data.
api-help-parameters (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Parameter|Parameters}}:
api-help-permissions (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Permission|Permissions}}:
api-help-permissions-granted-to (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Granted to}}: $2
api-help-right-apihighlimits (talk) (Translate) Use higher limits in API queries (slow queries: $1; fast queries: $2). The limits for slow queries also apply to multivalue parameters.
api-help-source (talk) (Translate) Source: $1
api-help-source-unknown (talk) (Translate) Source: <span class="apihelp-unknown">unknown</span>
api-help-templatedparams (talk) (Translate) Templated parameters support cases where an API module needs a value for each value of some other parameter. For example, if there were an API module to request fruit, it might have a parameter <var>fruits</var> to specify which fruits are being requested and a templated parameter <var>{fruit}-quantity</var> to specify how many of each fruit to request. An API client that wants 1 apple, 5 bananas, and 20 strawberries could then make a request like <kbd>fruits=apples|bananas|strawberries&apples-quantity=1&bananas-quantity=5&strawberries-quantity=20</kbd>.
api-help-templatedparams-header (talk) (Translate) Templated parameters
api-help-title (talk) (Translate) MediaWiki API help
api-help-undocumented-module (talk) (Translate) No documentation for module $1.
api-login-fail-aborted (talk) (Translate) Authentication requires user interaction, which is not supported by <kbd>action=login</kbd>. To be able to login with <kbd>action=login</kbd>, see [[Special:BotPasswords]]. To continue using main-account login, see <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/clientlogin|action=clientlogin]]</kbd>.
api-login-fail-aborted-nobotpw (talk) (Translate) Authentication requires user interaction, which is not supported by <kbd>action=login</kbd>. To log in, see <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/clientlogin|action=clientlogin]]</kbd>.
api-login-fail-badsessionprovider (talk) (Translate) Cannot log in when using $1.
api-login-fail-sameorigin (talk) (Translate) Cannot log in when the same-origin policy is not applied.
api-pageset-param-converttitles (talk) (Translate) Convert titles to other variants if necessary. Only works if the wiki's content language supports variant conversion. Languages that support variant conversion include $1.
api-pageset-param-generator (talk) (Translate) Get the list of pages to work on by executing the specified query module. <strong>Note:</strong> Generator parameter names must be prefixed with a "g", see examples.
api-pageset-param-pageids (talk) (Translate) A list of page IDs to work on.
api-pageset-param-redirects-generator (talk) (Translate) Automatically resolve redirects in <var>$1titles</var>, <var>$1pageids</var>, and <var>$1revids</var>, and in pages returned by <var>$1generator</var>.
api-pageset-param-redirects-nogenerator (talk) (Translate) Automatically resolve redirects in <var>$1titles</var>, <var>$1pageids</var>, and <var>$1revids</var>.
api-pageset-param-revids (talk) (Translate) A list of revision IDs to work on.
api-pageset-param-titles (talk) (Translate) A list of titles to work on.
api-usage-docref (talk) (Translate) See $1 for API usage.
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