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Welcome to the wiki for the 2011 JVM Language Summit, taking place July 18-20, 2011, at the Oracle Santa Clara Campus.


Videos of all speaker presentations are now available at Oracle Technology Network.

Pictures by Oleg Pliss


Agenda for the 2011 JVM Language Summit

Monday 7/18 Tuesday 7/19 Wednesday 7/20
8:30 Breakfast
(30 mins)
9:00 Intro and Welcome Mark Roos
Porting Smalltalk (slides)
Tobias Ivarsson
Interface injection (slides)
9:20 Cameron Purdy
2011 Keynote (slides)
9:40 Jim Laskey
Nashorn (slides)
Brian Goetz
Extension methods (slides)
10:20 Break
(20 mins)
10:40 Mads Torgersen
Async .NET (slides)
Shashank Bharadwaj
invokedynamic+Jython (slides)
Sunil Puri
jvmtracejit (slides)
Brian Goetz
Lambda Bytecode (slides)
11:20 Mads Torgersen (Reification in .NET) Ola Bini (Seph)
Mark Roos
Tom Marble (Performance benchmarking) (slides)
Tobias Ivarsson (Interface injection)
(60 mins)
1:20 John Rose
Method Handles (slides)
Attila Szegedi
Dynalink (slides)
Christine Flood
Fortress (slides)
2:00 Dan Heidinga
MethodHandle Implementation (slides)
Georges Saab
Java SE (slides)
Thomas Wuerthinger
Graal (slides)
2:40 Break
(20 mins)
3:00 Charles Nutter
JRuby (slides)
Carson Gross
Gosu - Language Features As A Library (slides)
Prashant Deva
Chronon - Debugging in 2011 (slides)
3:40 Rémi Forax
JSR-292 Cookbook (slides)
Kotlin (slides)
Lightning talks
4:20 Jeroen Frijters (IKVM.NET)
John Rose
Venkat Subramaniam (Language Integration)
JetBrains (Kotlin) (slides)
Prashant Deva
Lukas Stadler (Graal) (slides)
6:00 Dinner at Faultline

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Bonus Discussions

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