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Fortress: running your whiteboard, on the JVM.

David Chase, Sun


Fortress is a new programming language, originally intended for high- performance computing, but generally applicable to the multicore world. Our aim is to allow programs expressed in a style as close to mathematical notation as possible, to effectively use multicore parallelism, for large values of "multi".

Challenges in the mapping to the JVM include:

  • thread model mismatch (Fortress depends on workstealing)
  • type system mismatch (Fortress does not erase its types)
  • dispatch mismatch (it's multiple; we think we will compile this into visitors or decision trees as appropriate)
  • transactions (nested and executed by multiple threads)
  • value objects (return values, in arrays)
  • clean mapping to legacy (FORTRAN) libraries
  • access to FP ops carried out in different rounding modes.
  • proper tail call elimination, perhaps?

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Key Issues for Discussion (cooperative)

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