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Jatha: A Common Lisp in Java

Ola Bini



Talk Abstract
Jatha is a quite basic implementation of Common Lisp, running on Java. It's based on Peter Landin's SECD machine, and as such is not particularly performant. It doesn't implement the full Common Lisp specification, just enough to suit the current community. This places Jatha in the category of most of the implementations of languages available on the JVM. This presentation will spend some time detailing Jatha, looking at the implementation, the current problems and also how it could be improved with smaller measures. The rest of the presentation will be spent on looking at ways the JVM could help the smaller language implementations; what kind of features are needed to make it really easy to create a language from scratch that runs well on the JVM.
Speaker Notes
If there is time, the presentation might also take a look at my language-in-work ioke, but that depends on how far along the project is at that point.


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Key Issues for Discussion (cooperative)

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