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Gradual Typing for Python

Jeremy Siek



Talk Abstract
Static and dynamic type checking have well-known strengths and weaknesses. Static type checking enables compilers to generate highly efficient code and provides an important form of machine checked documentation for API functions. On the other hand, dynamic type checking provides greater flexibility and ease-of-use, as demonstrated in empirical studies by 100% productivity gains over statically typed languages.

In this talk I will discuss a new approach, called gradual typing, that provides the benefits of static and dynamic type checking in the same language by giving the programmer control over which portions of a program are statically typed and which portions are dynamically checked based on the presence or absence of type annotations. We are developing a gradual type checker for Python and working with the developers of Jython to bring gradual typing to the JVM. This talk will describe the current status of our project and outline the challenges that lay ahead.

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